Upcoming workshops

Upcoming Workshops

April at the Buehnenrausch Berlin


Tempo and Rhythm

In this course we will explore the tempo and pacing for our scenes. Find the speed and pulse of the stories with your partner that is both comfortable and inspiring. Many fast scenes are created because of panic and fear instead of it being a choice. We can use our natural impulses to inspire the tone of our scene. So let’s focus on using the speed and tempo of our scenes and characters to inspire the scenes. We want to connect and discover different velocities for our scenes with our partners. Too often our scenes follow similar rhythms over and over but we often need more variety in our shows. Adding style and pulse to an average scene can elevate it to new places. Learn to follow your partners impulses as well as lead your partner. Sign up for this class and learn to slow down and speed up with intention, and add that extra spice to our performances.

Tempo and Rhythm
April 29 and 30. 11:00-18:00

(1 hour lunch break)
220€ (200€ early bird special sign up before April 1st)
10 spots open

Workshops at the BühnenRausch

Erich-Weinert-Straße 27,

10439 Berlin, Germany


Contact eldubs@gmail.com for more info

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