Upcoming workshops

Upcoming Workshops

January and February at the Buehnenrausch Berlin


Stage Friction

Students are taught to avoid conflict but there is a way to use it to your advantage in stories and character building. Starting scenes with conflict is not impossible and it can add depth and improve your scene work and storytelling.
Every story needs some conflict, right?This workshop is focused on characters with differences, how to play that friction with your scene partners and how to use it to inspire your character building. Students will learn how to start scenes with less harmony and how to avoid the dreaded arguments negativity often brings. Don’t avoid conflict – make conflict a skill to use!

Stage Friction
January 7th and 8th. 11:00-18:00

(1 hour lunch break)
10 spots open

The Power of Silence

Improvisers all over the world have one thing in common. They all talk too much on stage. When improvisers don’t know what to do they talk.
In this workshop we will explore the potential in building tension when we start to use silence as a tool. Silence and less words in general adds intensity to the scenes, it can activate the audiences imagination and engages them to be more invested in the scene. This workshop guides you through techniques to help inspire your scenes to be more efficient and effective with less words, more emotional, and the potential to spark the audiences minds more often.

Power of Silence
February 18th and 19th. 11:00-18:00

(1 hour lunch break)
220€ (200€ early bird special sign up before Jan 15th)
10 spots open

400€ if you sign up for both workshops!

Workshops at the BühnenRausch

Erich-Weinert-Straße 27,

10439 Berlin, Germany


Contact eldubs@gmail.com for more info

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