Lee performs shows with several acclaimed international colleagues and can also be seen with his show „Your 15 minutes of Fame“ in which he invites audience members to join him on stage. He currently performs with Inbal Lori as „The Lorilees“, with Daniel Orrantia in „Marked“, with Marko Mayerl and Matthieu Loos in „No Exit“, with Joe Bill as „Paradigm“ and in „Sincerely Yours“ with Maja Dekleva Lapajne and Hannu Risku.

Watch a trailer of „The Lorilees“ live on stage at the Impro Embassy.

Upcoming dates

February 7th: Berlin Bühnenrausch Late Night

February 20th: Impro Embassy: Rama Nicholas & Inbal Lori (as special guest)

March 5th: Impro Embassy: The Ambassadors with Mignon Remé

March 13th-20th: IMPRO 2020: Throne

March 20th-22nd: Spontanol Oldenburg

March 27th-29th: Improsante Sarnen

April 9th: Impro Embassy: The Lorilees

April 11th: Kantinenlesen

April 16th: Impro Embassy with Felipe Ortiz

April 17-18: Haarlem SilverStar Festival

May 7th: Impro Embassy with Kevin Gillese

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